How to improve marketing results in your small business

Starting up a small business requires a lot of resources, effort and courage, and most frequently a certain amount of startup investment. Even when the initial phase of starting up a business is over, it is important to invest in your small business, not only financially, but in many other aspects as well.

Media Signpost Showing Internet Television Newspapers MagazinesOne of the important aspects of every business is good advertising and proper marketing strategy, and the same goes for small businesses as well. Investing in good marketing is always needed, but for small businesses it can often exceed budget, since it requires large investments, and small firms do not have the income as the larger ones. This is why you need to play it smartly, and keep investing in your business’ marketing while still remaining within the determined budget. In this article, we will give you several ideas on how to achieve this.

an image of our new logo!!!First of all, you can take advantage of various free and low cost marketing methods. A serious marketing strategy will always require some money, but it does not mean that it is limited only to TV, billboard or similar type of advertising. You can use social networks to promote your business and your products, and they require very little money or even no money at all. Plus, they allow you to be creative in your presentation, and using social networks properly may significantly raise the amount of exposure your business gets.

Another useful online strategy is positioning your website high on Google Rankings by using SEO. This requires relatively small investment, and it can significantly boost the number of visits to your company’s website. Also, creating an interesting and relevant content on the website will result in greater number of people who will stay and browse the website, and decide to become your customers.

1113-new-clientsYou can collect consumer data both offline and online, and it is a great strategy which can help you reach new clients and keep the old ones. When you collect the user data (for example, through online subscription form on your website), you can use them to send offers and promotions to the subscribed users. What’s more, if you collect some data other than e-mail addresses, you can use them to determine the target group for your future advertising campaign.

1448528523_28586In addition to advertising online, you should also have a proper offline marketing strategy, but it is important to diversify the offline method. For example, instead of using only one large TV station to play your commercial several times a day, you can use several local TV and radio stations instead, and a reduce the number of your ad on the large TV station.

Last, but not least, if you own a local business, you should think locally. Even if you own several stores in different areas or cities, you should focus the advertising campaign on these areas specifically, in order to avoid additional costs and to keep focus on the groups where your current and future customers are most likely to be.

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